For many people, their housekeeper is an extension of their family, someone who keeps the home clean and tidy while making your life easier. There are many reasons why people hire a housekeeper and below we’ve listed a few. Many there are even some on this list you haven’t thought of yet.

You Don’t Have Time
After working a full 9-5 job the last thing you want to do when you get home is clean. One of the biggest reasons people hire a cleaning service is because they just don’t have time for it anymore. Having a housekeeper come even just once or twice a month can help you be more productive, have more free time and even get more sleep.

You Have a Busy Family Life
Being a parent is a full time job and it can often mean the house gets the short end of the stick. Like they say, it takes a village to raise a child and a housekeeper can be an invaluable time management tool to help you. It makes life a little easier for family outings or even date nights when you don’t have to worry about mopping the floor.

Hire the Expert
Maybe you just don’t know how to clean and that’s okay. Hire someone whose actual job it is to clean a home in the safest and most effective way. There are a few tips and tricks you pick up after doing it for a while and if you ask your housekeeper could even teach you a thing or two.

You Don’t Like Cleaning
This may seem like an obvious reason but it’s pretty common. Life is too short spending time doing something you don’t enjoy doing. With cleaning your home it seems like the job is never actually done. Hiring a housekeeper doesn’t make you lazy, it just means you are reorganizing your priorities.

Treat Your Self (Or Someone Else)
Sometimes you just need a break. What better way to give your self a break then by hiring a housekeeper for a day? You can even gift cleaning services to spouses, friends or family as a treat for them too.

No matter what your reason is it never hurts to try something out. You may find that you want to keep them around.

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