1. Follow The “Top To Bottom Rule”
This can be applied to anything you are cleaning. Start by dusting so that anything that falls on the floor can be vacuumed up later. Wipe off all counters before you sweep and mop so that anything on the counter that falls off will get picked up later. You get the idea.

2. Pre-Sort Laundry

Buy laundry bins for your darks and lights. This way when something is dirty it is sorted as it is thrown in the laundry bin. This saves you from having to do this later with a big pile of dirty laundry. Instead you can simply load the dirty laundry straight into the washing machine.

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3. Wash Windows On A Cooler Day
Sunny days make everything more fun, including cleaning the house. But instead of cleaning the windows on a warm sunny day it is better to do it on a cooler day. When it’s sunny and warm outside the windows are warm. This causes the window cleaner to dry faster before you can wipe it off and leaves streaks.

4. Turn Off Your Vacuum Brush Roller
If you are vacuuming on a solid floor like wood or tile using an upright vacuum turn off the brush roller. Otherwise, instead of picking all the dirt and dust up you are just flinging it around the surrounding area. Better yet use the hose extension and you can get all the little nooks and crannies without worrying you are missing something.

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5. Don’t Pre-Wash Dishes
It’s been proven that rinsing your dishes before-hand doesn’t get them any cleaner. If you are concerned about it, scrape off any excess food into the trash, load the dishwasher and do a rinse-only cycle before running a full cycle. Ideally though the idea is to conserve time and water by skipping the pre-rinse.

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6. Allow Cleaners To Sit
To most effectively clean and sanitize an area the cleaner should sit to do its job. Before scrubbing down your bathroom or kitchen spray everything down. While you are spraying down one area another area has time to soak before you come back to scrub it. This also makes it easier to wipe everything down because the dirt and mildew has had time to soften.

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7. Remove Your Shoes At The Door
There’s a reason why so many families do this. It’s an easy way to keep dirt from being tracked into the house. It saves your carpets and rugs from being soiled and prolongs their life. Buy a shoe rack, stick it by the front door and get into the habit of leaving the shoes at the door.

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8. Skip The Lint Roller
We all love our pets but they can be a mess. Forget about using a lint roller to get pet hair off furniture and instead get a rubber glove that traps the hair. This saves you from having to continuously buy dozens of lint rollers.

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9. Clean Your Cleaning Tools
Your cleaning tools need TLC too. Old, worn out tools are a hassle to use and therefore eat up more time. Swap out sponges and mops regularly and replace vacuum bags. Keep in mind that old cleaners can dry out and become less effective over time as well.

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