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An Austin carpenter knows that even though dry rot suggests that it’s all about being dry, the name should never fool you. On the contrary, it’s actually all about being as wet as can be. Dry rot lives off of wood, moisture, and also enjoys living in anywhere that’s dark and hidden. Without hiring an Austin carpenter to protect your home, dry rot will be able to do as much damage to it as it wants to.

Dry rot effectively grows strands that allow it to skip over certain surfaces, such as brick and mortar. These particular strands can extend up to two yards and can even transport certain nutrients. While it was initially thought that dry rot could attack dry wood, this is actually not the case, as not nearly enough nutrients can be transported for this to happen.


Typically, dry rot looks just like a sheet of cotton; however, if it spreads into an area of a home that sees direct sunlight, the substance will have a more yellowish tint to it. If the fungus progresses even further, fruiting bodies will begin to appear, which are dark orange and appear to be in the shape of a bulging pancake, as well as containing other shapes that appear to look like a form of brain. This is a sign that you will need to address the issue immediately by contacting an Austin carpenter.

Removing Dry Rot

Essentially, the affected wood will have to be replaced by an Austin carpenter, and the source of the water ingress will have to be completely cut off. When the moisture is removed, the dry rot will then begin to die due to the fungus no longer growing. However, the real issue can be getting access to all of the damaged timbers and the actual water source itself, as wall plastering may have to be removed and replaced, which is a process that can compromise the overall structural integrity of your home without the help of a qualified Austin carpenter.

Prevention and Detection

In many homes, the presence of a massive amount of moisture can be the biggest factor for many different issues. It’s a good idea to have your home regularly checked for moisture levels, which can change during the different seasons. Technology nowadays, however, is able to detect the presence of dry rot in the home. If you suspect that this may be something that’s occurring, contact a professional to conduct a test, because early detection will save you a great deal of money in the long run.

If you need a professional Austin carpenter for help with dry rot, contact Bates Cleaning Services today!

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