It’s easy to make keeping your residential property clean for the New Year a New Year’s Resolution but is more difficult to follow through with it. Many typically see the beginning of the year as the perfect time to clean one’s house, though it is important to actually maintain it as the months go by.

Here are some tips for how to keep your home clean year round.

Set a Bi-Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Some months throughout the year go by faster due to hectic and busy schedules. It is important to set aside a time bi-weekly, even just for an hour, to clean your home. From sweeping and mopping to giving your counters a good scrub, setting aside a time to do these tasks will keep your home looking fresh and inviting. If there are several members in your household, divide bi-weekly cleaning tasks amongst each member to make the process more efficient.

Declutter Items Immediately

The cluttering of items throughout the house can give off the appearance that your home is much messier than it actually is. Places where cluttering typically occurs includes desks, tables, counters, and chairs. To avoid cluttering, invest in items such as coat racks in your living room and organizational cabinets to place items that are typically tossed to the side. In addition, take a quick 10 minutes every day before you sleep to make sure that items that tossed around are put in their right locations.

Invest in a Professional Cleaning Service Twice a Year

A professional cleaning service will take away the stress of cleaning your home and is a good investment to make when your home is beginning to look worn down from the year. Professional cleaning services will often have different prices for different tasks, though will often offer a full-service package. A full-service package will usually entail a deep clean, which is often meticulous in nature and will reach the spots most people tend to avoid while cleaning. Though prices will vary accordingly to cleaning service, a professional clean twice a year will make your home look thoroughly fresh and new.

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