When it comes to the maintenance of your commercial or retail property, it is important that it has a clean and fresh appearance year round. Depending on the type of commercial property, some buildings can go years without proper cleaning. It is important that property managers keep up with regularly maintaining a building for the sake of its value and appearance. Here is why a professional cleaning service is best for your commercial property:

Floor Cleaning

Many commercial properties often cover over thousands of square feet, making it difficult to account for different messes that may occur throughout the day. Even with daily janitorial services, hard to reach stains and dirt will accumulate over the year and cause long term damage to your floors. Professional floor cleanings typically remove most residue and will keep floors looking new for decades to come.

Window Cleaning

Ensuring that your commercial property’s windows are kept clean throughout the year will greatly increase your building’s overall appearance. Since windows may vary by size, it is nearly impossible to give them a good thorough clean reguarly. Because of this, residue from inclement weather and other environmental conditions will accumulate and reduce its professional appearance over time. Professional window cleanings will eliminate exterior damage and extend its lifetime through treatments.

Furniture Cleaning

Depending on the type of business, furniture such as coffee tables, shelves, and sofas will be regularly used. Guests might often bring in outside dirt and unknowingly leave traces of it on furniture. Though daily cleaning can help in keeping furniture regularly maintained, it’s inevitable that dirt and other things will accumulate overtime and hide in between and under sofa seats and chairs. Thus, a professional furniture cleaning will remove most stains and eliminate odors built up overtime.

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