With Winter season around the corner, it is important to know about how to properly maintain your trees to prepare for unexpected weather conditions. From high-level winds to nearly freezing temperatures – tree maintenance is important for the wellbeing of your home and landscape.

Not exactly sure where to start? Here are three tips for tree maintenance during cold weather conditions.  

Keep Up with Pruning Your Trees

Pruning your trees is essential during the Winter to ensure that they continue to bring their aesthetic and functional value to your yard in addition to reducing the damage that can be caused by a Winter storm. Pruning can take form in the following techniques: cleaning, raising, and reduction. Pruning will also prevent serious diseases that commonly occur in the spring and summer.

Mulch Your Trees

Mulching typically consists of adding a thin layer of organic mulch beneath the tree’s drip line to insulate the soil and its roots to protect against extreme temperatures and slow down water loss. It is advised that one should wait till the ground is frozen to prevent mice and other rodents from inhabiting the space. Mulching during the winter time shields the warmth of the sun from the frozen ground and protects trees from its harsh conditions.

Wrap Your Trees for Protection

Like Holiday presents, your trees too should be wrapped during the winter time to prevent cracking. When a tree is exposed to the sun during the day and then frozen at night, bark cells can rupture and thus cause the tree to crack. Trees should be wrapped with crepe paper tree wrap to prevent this and other harm. Beginning from the bottom, wrap your trees with overlapping layers by one-third and stop below the lowest branch. The wrapping should then be taken off come springtime or when harsh weather conditions lessen.

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