You may think that a disorganized office is no big deal but, in truth, it can make the wrong impression and cause you to lose revenue. Curious to find out how? Check out the following three reasons why keeping your office cleans goes way beyond simply being tidy and organized.

1. It exudes a professional image

Have you ever visited an office that was cluttered or dirty? Did it change the way that you felt about the business or the level of service that you would be receiving? Based on a survey by the staffing firm Adecco, over 50% of Americans admit to judging their coworkers based on how dirty or clean they kept their workspaces. In fact, they admitting to being “appalled” by the mess and believe that its cause is simply “laziness.” Consider this, if your coworkers are judging you by the appearance of your office, can you imagine how a prospective client must feel? Do you want to lose money because a client thought that you were lazy or negligent because of your cluttered workspace? If not, but you don’t have the time to clean up yourself, a commercial cleaning service in Cedar Park will be of great use to you.

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2. It increases productivity

Have you ever noticed that you get more work done at a coffee shop or at a hotel than at your own workspace or desk? An organized and tidy space naturally improves our rate of productivity. In fact, scientists have found, in a study done at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute that clutter has a negative impact on our ability to process information and focus on the tasks at hand. In this way, it acts as a distraction that interferes with our ability to be productive.

Based on information from the National Association of Professional Organizers, we can waste over 4 hours a week looking around the office papers and other important items. This hassle can destroy your peace of mind and cause frustration and stress while decreasing your ability to think creatively and concentrate.A reputable commercial cleaning service in Cedar Park can help you remove unnecessary clutter. Taking this step, as well as changing your routine and eliminating distractions will go a long way towards improving your level of productivity.

3. Improved Peace of Mind

Does your level of stress get higher when you can’t find something? Based on a survey by David Lewis that was posted in the Boston Globe, 75% of workers survey agreed that they find themselves getting stressed in a messy environment. An organized workspace will reduce your stress levels and improve your peace of mind. As you can see, a clean and organized workspace offers numerous benefits. However, if you need help getting started, call a dependable commercial cleaning service in Cedar Park today to help you get started.