While pranks on Halloween can be a lot of fun for many people, it’s certainly no fun for the homeowners who end up having to clean everything up from it. Whether it’s eggs, toilet paper, or shaving cream being used, the cleanup can oftentimes get stressful and irritating.

Here are ways in which you can easily clean up two of the most common Halloween pranks and tips for cleaning a Halloween party in Austin, Texas.

Shaving Cream

This type of product is good for skin; however, when applied to paint, it can be disastrous. Catching this stuff while it’s still wet is always a good thing, as you can easily use a pressure washer to get rid of all of it. However, if the cream is dry, you should use a wet rag to make it damp enough to soften, then wipe everything away using dish soap. Do not use anything to scrape it away, as you will end up damaging the paint it’s been applied to.

Toilet Paper

A common Halloween prank is to have your home or trees covered in toilet paper. Prior to doing any cleaning of this, take the time to check out your local weather report. Dry weather will require you to wait until the dew on the ground has evaporated, as the toilet paper won’t end up shredding into pieces. Rainy and damp weather, however, means that you should get started cleaning as soon as possible in order to prevent shredding from getting any worse. To clear the paper from trees, use either a broom or a rake to comb over the branches as gently as you can. You could also try using a leaf blower on twigs without damaging them.

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