Sometimes thanksgiving turkey is hard to keep moist in the oven. The dishwasher is the answer. Sounds crazy? We know. But hear us out, people have been doing this since the 70’s! People have truly been cooking proteins and fish in their dish washers for a long time. in 1982, chef David Burke used his dish washer to cook a 10 pound salmon when he realized he didn’t have a large enough pot for it.

For cooking a turkey, all you have to do is cover the turkey in whatever rub you desire, cover it tightly in plastic wrap, put it in tupperware, and sit it on the top shelf of your dishwasher. The next thing you do is run your dishwasher thrice without soap. The total cook time should be about three hours and 25 minutes. After that, you just let it sit for just under 30 minutes, then place it under the broiler for the skin to crisp.

The thanksgiving bird isn’t the only thing for the dish washer! If you have some airtight sealable jars, your thanksgiving dinner is home free. Just add a quarter of a pound of whatever veggie you want to the jar, add a cup of water, add seasoning, and then close it. This will work with sweet potatoes, peas, mashed potatoes, you name it.

Though cooking in your dish washer seems strange, it’s a very good solution to maximize a small kitchen for a big meal. Your dish washer is essentially a huge slow-cooker. You can also look at is at a poaching machine. Just make sure you set it to the highest temperature possible.

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