Similar to your body, your home is filled with all sorts of microbes, a wide variety of which live inside dust. Studies show that the dust inside each home in the United States contains approximately more than 5,000 different species of bacteria, as well as 2,000 different species of fungi. This shows that the dust inside your home can potentially be dangerous and can cause all sorts of health issues to take place.

Perhaps more importantly is that all of the microbes inside the dust were able to be used to find all sorts of information about the home itself, like which ones had pets and how many people of each gender lived there.

Of course, there is also a great reason to regularly clean your home as much as you can, as some of the dust inside your home is likely filled with all sorts of toxic chemicals that can cause you great harm. Various products in your home such as furniture pieces and electronics can actually release dust as time goes on, and other forms of pollutants can also find their ways into your home thanks to your shoes and any open windows.

Exposure to these kinds of chemicals can adversely affect your health, even if the amount that you’re exposed to is extremely low. This is especially concerning in the case of young children due to the fact that since their bodies are continuing to develop, they are more prone to being exposed to all sorts of toxic materials.

There are many different ways that you can help fight off issues like this from taking place:

*Purchase and eat both organic and free-range food products, which will reduce your overall exposure to fertilizers, pesticides, and hormones.
*Purchase products that come in jars or glass bottles instead of plastic containers.
*Instead of using plastic sippy cups for your babies, use glass baby bottles for them to drink out of.
*Use ceramic and/or glass cookware instead of non-stick pots and pans.
*Filter all of your tap water, regardless of whether you’re drinking it or bathing in it.