Former United States Vice President Al Gore recently paid a visit to Georgetown’s downtown district to speak with the city’s mayor regarding Georgetown transitioning to 100% renewable energy in terms of electric utilities.

Gore had already been in Texas to partake in the Climate Reality Corps Leadership Training, which is a summit that shows individuals all about climate change, as well as training them to speak to others regarding how to enact it.

Gore was quoted as saying that he had always been hearing about many good things occurring in the city, and this well-known story was extremely exciting for him since they’re following many economics and facts. Furthermore, it was also leading to Georgetown transitioning to 100% renewable energy, which is a factor that was even more exciting.



In March of 2015, the city revealed a 150-megawatt solar power agreement, which would form one a large municipal utility that would provide 100% renewable energy by 2017. This would furthermore be coupled with a 144-megawatt wind energy agreement from 2014.

Georgetown’s mayor, Dale Ross, stated that he was honored and privileged to have met Gore, as well as have him spend time with citizens learning about this initiative. Ross stated that he was impressed and also wished that other cities would adopt a similar policy.

Gore also stated that when other cities adopt an approach that involves renewable energy in terms of economics, we would see an incredible wave of cities choosing to adopt a similar policy. Furthermore, he also said that one factor that the city demonstrates to other areas is that not only is the power supply itself not only much more affordable, but cost is also predictable for approximately 25 years and longer.

All in all, Gore said that this entire experience for him was a real education, saying that he thought he knew everything, but his understanding has seriously been enriched regarding what’s currently taking place. He also stated that he is extremely serious whenever he said he’s excited about a policy like this.

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