Fall is a great time to focus on your home. As the weather turns cooler and the leaves turn colors, even if just for a short time in Austin, it’s a great opportunity to make your house ready for the long winter’s nap coming soon. Here are a few tips.

  1. Get out those winter linens: Make sure your spaces are post-meal nap-ready! Nothing worse than wanting to snuggle in flannel sheets only to realize they’re far away.
  2. Polish Metal: Copper brass and silver add elegance to a room, not to forget warmth too! You can’t completely avoid tarnish, but you can always polish it away.
  3. Dust, dust, dust!: If you’ve been out having fun outside playing football, it’s time to get focus on the indoors before you’re having to spend your food coma there. Consider using your vacuum’s long brush attachment to achieve perfect dusting.
  4. Vacuum Upholstery Weekly: get rid of that dust! It’s smart to use a vacuum attachment to keep furniture looking its best.
  5. Organize Your Photos: it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by photos if you let them get backed up. It’s time to organize and consider ordering a photo album to share the fun times with your family!
  6. Clean Your Chimney: If you’re planning on using it this Thanksgiving, make sure to clean it out before you do!
  7. Plant Spring Bulbs: This is the perfect time to make sure your house looks fun come spring! Harness the last of your summer energy and plant these now. When it’s chilly but your house looks warm, you’ll thank yourself.

If cleaning just sounds like too much work, we have a solution! Give us a call! At Bates Cedar Park Cleaning service, we’re ready to get your house ready for winter cleaning-wise.