You don’t want your friends to wrinkle their noses at the cat smell; you want them to see little Snowball and exclaim in surprise “You have a cat?!” And we can help!

Litter Box Maintenance

Litter box maintenance is the biggest purveyor of foul smells in a cat household. While most people like to hide the litter box in a back closet and forget about it, that makes the litter box much less pleasant for the cat. Would you want a Day-Three-of-a-Music-Festival level port-a-potty for your everyday needs? No? Neither does your cat.

Do you have enough litter boxes? The rule of thumb is one per cat, plus one. If you have one cat, have two boxes. Two cats, three boxes. Three cats, four boxes.

Scoop daily, replace litter weekly, and clean the entire box with soap and water every few weeks (das needed). If you have a covered litter box, make sure you let the box air out for a few minutes every day so foul smells don’t get trapped inside with kitty. You can sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the litter pan after you do the full wash to help get rid of remaining smells.

The key to all this maintenance is not only to keep cat smells at bay, but to encourage your cats to *use* the litter box. As foul as a litter box can smell when not properly maintained, it’s much worse if your cat decides to use your living room rug!

Household Fabrics

The majority of musky cat smell can be avoided simply by keeping a clean house, especially if you have carpets, rugs,  or curtains. Make sure you sweep and vacuum regularly to pick up any cat hair and dander. You can use baking soda as a carpet deodorizer if kitty decided she didn’t like the litter box one day. And make sure you wash blankets and cat beds regularly so they’re nice and clean!

Additional Tips

Don’t forget the scoop! Washing the litter scoop regularly slips a lot of peoples’ minds, but it can smell just as bad as the box after a while. Washing kitty’s water and food bowls regularly will also help prevent stagnant, smelly water and avoid bacteria buildup. Better smells for you, less chance of getting sick for kitty!

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