House Painting in Austin

Bates Cleaning Services now offers house painting in Austin!

House painting in Austin really isn’t all that straightforward and professional painters are often asked by homeowners how often their interior walls should be painted. Typically, it really depends on a few different things, though it’s really the responsibility of the homeowner to keep an eye on the signs that it may be time for this very thing to happen. Here are some of the most important factors regarding this task.

Basic Guideline

If your house painting in Austin was done by a professional, your home generally doesn’t have to be painted again for another ten years or so, especially if you take great care of them. This is because professionals use high-quality paints to complete the job, as well as adequately prime the entire surface before beginning any work at all. On the other hand, homeowners who paint their own walls will generally have to repeat the process after about a year, which is when cracks will typically start to appear in the paint, mainly due to not using the right equipment from the start.

The Specific Room

Homeowners tend to repaint each particular room separately due to it not only being more manageable, but also because the timelines for repainting rooms can be different. For instance, corridors and hallways typically see more wear and tear, meaning they need to be repainted every three years, while bedrooms can withstand being repainted two or three times this amount of time. In terms of dining rooms and living rooms, despite the fact that they are used quite a bit, an argument can be made that they are protected to some extent even though they are tight spaces filled with furniture pieces. Additionally, repainting these areas is a task that tends to get put off due to the fact that moving furniture around in them is seen as a job that’s much more daunting in nature.

Damage from the Sun

This is a big factor in terms of multiple years, despite the fact that you can’t easily protect against something like this in some cases. Damage from the sun can easily fade some of the paint on your walls in areas that are easily exposed to it. This is generally a slow process, but in the end, it can cause a good deal of damage. Regardless, during the summer months in particular, it’s a good idea to make great use out of your curtains and blinds to help prevent this as much as possible.

Make It New with Paint

Another great reason to repaint could be for aesthetic reasons, such as possibly wanting to change things up a bit! After all, there are a great many color options available, so why not take advantage of them whenever you can? For all of your house painting in Austin needs, contact Bates Cleaning Services today!

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