how to choose the right cleaning service


Give me a list: The best way to avoid a misunderstanding regarding your home cleaning is to give me verbal and written instructions. This ensures I am less likely to forget something. 

Pre-Soak Pans – This seems like something simple but it can really save me on time. Time I save is time I can spend cleaning other areas of your home. 

It’s hard to clean around clutter: We can clean more efficiently if we can easily reach surfaces. Pick up old mail, clothing and trash so we can do our jobs faster. 

Don’t request harsh cleaners: There are plenty of green, eco-friendly alternatives that are just as effective. Using harsh chemicals around your home can also be a danger to you, your children and your pets. .

Make sure we’re bonded and insured – If we aren’t , you will end up paying for anything we break accidentally.

Please don’t do our jobs: Some of my clients like to quickly clean before I come to their house. This actually makes my job harder because I have to figure out which areas are clean and which are dirty. 

Recommend us to your friends – We may give you a discount for each referral if you ask.

Don’t be afraid to keep an eye on us – Come home unexpectedly every now and then. You won’t find a professional house cleaner watching your TV or eating on your bed.

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