Whether you throw steak on your grill, or a quality veggie kabob a good grill bath is always essential. Many people believe that the fire from the grill is all that you need to get your baby squeaky clean, but this is not always the case. Here are some tips to make sure your grill is ready for anything you throw its way, pun intended.

  1. Getting the Ashes

Leftover ashes are important, because they can affect the flavor of your next grill meal. When removing ashes, make sure that you are not merely dumping them out, but clearing out any stuck-on ashes thoroughly. Another major reminder about ashes, is to make sure you dispose of them properly. Ashes can start a fire days after their initial use.

  1. Not Just Good, Grate

When cleaning your grill, the grate is one thing you cannot afford to ignore. Seeing that this piece is the one that gets closest to the food, we strongly suggest doing a detailed grate clean every time you cook with the grill. Our recommendation for such a task is a quality wire brush. You’ll want to get any leftover food removed, before the grill has completely cooled off.

  1. Gas vs Charcoal

The ‘Gas vs. Charcoal’ debate has been around since the dinosaurs roamed. No matter which side you fall on, you’ll want to be sure you’re cleaning in accordance with your specific grill. When it comes to gas grills it is easy to confuse the ‘clean’ knob, with a ‘taking care of all the business’ knob, we’ve been there, done that. In reality the ‘clean’ button is more of the first step. The next step would be cleaning the barrier on top of the burner. Going above and beyond with a charcoal grill would be taking care of any stuck on foods at the bottom.

  1. Break it Down

We meant your grill, so you can stop dancing. Or don’t, we can’t see you. Taking your grill apart every four uses is our recommendation to ensure you get the most out of your grill. Most pieces can be cleaned with soapy water.

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