The stove is known as the main workplace of any kitchen as this is where the majority of meals are prepared every single day. Because of how often it works, it will need to be regularly cleaned not just for appearances, but also for your physical health as well. This is because all sorts of bacteria can build up on any food particles stuck to the stove and burners, thereby causing you to get sick.

Here is the method in which you can ensure your stove is effectively cleaned:

Gas Stove

  • Begin by cleaning the stove grates and burner caps by removing the grates from the stove top, followed by removing the burner caps. By simply lifting them off. From there, place everything in your sink.
  • Wash these with soapy water, then a mixture of one part vinegar with two parts baking soda and a few drops of dish soap before covering the items with the mixture.
  • Allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash away with a soapy sponge.
  • Clean the surface of your stove by wiping it with a damp cloth, then use a non-abrasive soapy sponge to get rid of any grease.
  • Dry with a clean cloth, then replace the burner caps and stove grates.

Electric Stove

  • Wipe the coils, drip pans, and surface with a damp cloth, then turn your burners on high for approximately three minutes to help burn off any additional grime.
  • If you notice a smell when you turn your stove on, this is a sign that you will need to clean underneath it. This can be done using a damp sponge, as well as a soapy sponge for any additional scrubbing that may need to be done.

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