It’s certainly no secret that everyone could use a little extra cash, but most people don’t think to save money on cleaning on top of cutting other corners. Pinching pennies doesn’t have to be a difficult, time-consuming task. Saving money is great, whether for long-term plans like retirement or short-term splurges like vacation. No matter what it is that we want to save for, the little things you do to save money add up quickly.

When it comes to cleaning at home, it’s important to find the balance between saving money on expensive cleaning products. You also want to end up with a clean, hygienic home at the end of the day, so you may be scared of skimping too much. The trick is finding the balance between a clean home and stretching your wallet. Luckily, there are all sorts of easy ways you can make this happen.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to save money on cleaning products.

Dish Soap

Despite the name, dish soap isn’t just for dishes! Virtually any area of your home can be easily cleaned with two simple ingredients: plain water and mild dishwashing soap. The soap itself can be used carpet stains, laundry stains, upholstered furniture, and most surfaces in your home. Though you may want to check for more rare or expensive surfaces, dish soap is usually harmless. It’s also very inexpensive!

Switch to Store Brand

Rather than investing in name-brand cleaning products, consider switching to the store brand items. While many of us want to trust name brands more, this usually comes down to advertising. If you’re worried, check the active ingredients of your favorite name brand cleaning product versus store brand. If they’re the same, you can save money going with the store brand! Store brand products work just as well for a much lower price. Who doesn’t want the same great quality for a lower price?

Go Reusable

Invest in cleaning supplies that can be reusable rather than disposable. Disposable supplies can quickly eat into your budget, which makes them more expensive in the long run. Many disposable products are cheaper at the store, but the constant replacements add up quickly while a reusable product keeps on going. Reusable supplies such as microfiber cleaning cloths, traditional mops (or reusable mop pads), or even old rags are a great way to clean on a dime. You can use these products to scrub, clean, and dust all sorts of surfaces in your home. When well taken care of, reusable products will keep giving back for years.

Homemade Cleaning Products

Take the time to look around at all of the ingredients that you have around your home. Chances are that you recreate many of these household cleaners with inexpensive ingredients you already own. For instance, you can use vinegar as a great all-purpose cleaner, while baking soda can be used as an amazing abrasive cleaner on all sorts of objects. Regardless of whichever you choose to go with, making your own cleaning products is an extremely useful way to help you cut costs.

These are only a few of the many ways in which you can save money on cleaning products while keeping your home as clean as possible. No matter which options you decide to go with, in the long run, you’ll find it amazing how much money you’ll be able to save just by following a few short and simple steps.

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