The kid’s screaming. You’re out of milk. The microwave has been beeping for the past two and a half minutes. Plus the house is a mess, and and you’re having guests over soon! While your friends and family will love you regardless of the state of your home, it never hurts to put your best foot and keep the house as clean as possible.

You don’t want to lose your whole weekend to cleaning, especially when you’re already cooking and doing other preparations for guests. But there’s only so many hours in the day! If you can’t hire a professional Austin cleaning service to get the house spic and span in no time, something still has to be done about the clutter and mess. Even fifteen minutes can help, but try to allocate yourself an hour for the whole home.

So, how do you get the house back from its state of disarray and still have time to relax and enjoy your friends and family? What you need is a good old speed cleaning session!

What You Will Need:

First thing is first: don’t panic. Take a deep breath. Mediate for a minute if need be. It’s all gonna be okay! Speed cleaning isn’t about perfection; it’s about “clean enough”. So don’t worry about getting out a sloshing mop bucket or a bottle of bleach – you won’t need them today!

  • Timer (or the timer on your oven or phone is plenty)
  • Basket, hamper, or box to collect clutter in
  • All-purpose cleaner (and we *mean* all-purpose)
  • A few rags
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Broom and dustpan

Speed Clean The Front Entry

The front entryway is an oft-overlooked space, but it’s the first things that your guests see when they walk in! Make sure you bring your basket with you – clutter tends to accumulate in the front entryway as family and friends drop bags, shoes, coats, and backpacks here when they come home.

It only takes ten minutes to:

  • Toss any lost clutter in the basket
  • Move shoes onto a shoe rack, or also toss them in the basket
  • Hang up any coats and get rid of any clothes on the floor
  • Quick vacuum, no time to mop!
speed clean your kitchen

Speed Clean The Kitchen

While guests may see the front entryway first, the kitchen is where they will congregate. Humans are led by our stomachs! So it’s important to dedicate fifteen or twenty minutes to the kitchen to make sure it’s in top shape for guests.

  • Wash dishes
  • Spot-clean stove, counters, table, fridge, obvious food stain
  • Sweep floor
  • Clean microwave

Speed Clean The Bathroom

Don’t worry about cleaning everything in the house – focus on the bathroom that your guests will actually be using. The bathroom especially is where that all-purpose cleaner will earn its keep. If you have time, some glass cleaner and paper towels to wipe down the mirror is also good!

  • Spray everything first and let it sit
  • Wipe down mirror, sink, vanity counter
  • Brush inside bowl and wipe down the tank
  • Take out the bathroom trash and put a fresh liner

Speed Clean The Living Room

Last but certainly not least, the living room. Keep that hamper on you for clutter

  • Pick up clutter (hiding it will take you far)
  • Vacuum worst areas
  • Lint roll cushions and couch
rules of speed cleaning

Rules of speed cleaning

1) If it’s not dirty, don’t clean it

While it may be tempting to clean the master bathroom since you already have your supplies out, resist the urge! You only have a limited amount of time before company arrives, so focus on what will actually be seen and used

2) Prioritize cleaners that have multiple uses

for speed cleaning, don’t spend your time worrying about each and every specific cleaner for each and every object. Obviously don’t use something damaging to granite counters or wood furniture, but for the most part these can be left alone! A vacuum and a rag will get you far

3) Clean top to bottom

(gravity and streaks aren’t you friend)
Don’t fight gravity – clean from top to bottom to avoid streaks and having to re-clean with the precious little time you have!

4) Leave deep cleaning for another day

Now isn’t the time to bleach the bathroom and clean out the disposal. Those can wait for a day when you have more time!

5) If you’re cleaning for guests, don’t worry about the rooms they don’t see

If you’re not expecting guests in the master bedroom or the garage, don’t worry about any of that! Focus on the areas that will get the most traffic – most likely the front entry, the kitchen, the living room, and the guest bathroom.

6) Everything “clean enough” is better than one room spotless

This is where the timer comes in. When your ten minutes are up for the living room, move on! Don’t get caught up on one space and before you know it the doorbell is ringing and you’re only finished with one room!

7) Set timers

It’s so easy to lose track of time when you’re focusing on one task, so setting a timer for each room will keep you from being surprised by your guests showing up.

8) Recruit the family

If anyone is lying about the house, put them to work! The more people cleaning, the faster you can go and the more that gets done.

speed clean living room

Finishing Touches:

If you still have fifteen or thirty minutes after speed cleaning the home, here are some final touches that can be done quickly to freshen up even more.

If you have time, sorting through the basket of clutter you’ve gathered and returning things to their respective places is a good idea (otherwise, leave it in a bedroom to sort through later)
Empty trash cans and put in new trash bags
Air fresheners can help with stuffy rooms and give the house a homey feel
Put out clean hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen

And voila! Your home looks (almost) as good as new. Now go get showered and enjoy your evening!

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