Do you find it challenging to keep up with your household duties? Are you stressed about how to split chores for a happy household? Check out our home cleaning tips to keep your home clean and your family happy.

What Chores Can My Roommate Do?

More hands helping to clean your home and do the daily, weekly, and monthly household tasks not only saves time, but can save the frustration and aggravation of being the only person in your household that does the chores. Enlist your significant other, your children, and your roommates (if you have them) to help with maintaining your home. Try to develop a sense of shared purpose amongst those you live with and educate them on why it’s important to do the dishes and take out the trash on a regular basis. Think about everything you’d like to see done in your home – from wiping down the kitchen counters to raking leaves in your large backyard. Keep a list, assign the tasks, and follow-up to ensure a pleasant home environment.

Create a Chore Schedule

A good tip for keeping a happy household is to create a schedule for everything you want done in your home. After you’ve created your list of tasks, think about how long it takes to complete each item. Also determine if these tasks should be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Put this information in one place, usually on a calendar in a place where everyone can see it. Your calendar will be the guide to splitting chores and will allow you to keep track of what’s been done. Be sure that everyone knows what cleaning duties they are responsible for, where the cleaning materials are, and how to update the calendar of household chores so that it’s accurate and up to date.

Children Can Help with Chores

Developing a sense of responsibility in your children can benefit them in the long run and doing chore work is a great way to do that. Help your children to think of chores as something exciting to do – chores like vacuuming and dusting can be very fun for children. Be sure to stick around when your children are doing their chores, though, and motivate them when needed. Finishing a good job can give your children a sense of accomplishment, so praise their work. Also remember that it’s important to find age-appropriate chores for your children to do. Young children should never be exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals, but emptying trash cans can be a fulfilling experience. Show your children that chores don’t have to be boring and reward them on a weekly or per job basis.

Need Help with Household Chores?

Keeping a home clean, healthful, and livable can be challenging. So challenging, in fact, that you sometimes need help figuring out how to split chores for a happy household. The key is to keep it simple and on schedule, but if you need residential cleaning help in Cedar Park or Austin, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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