Junk Pick Up and Removal in Austin

Bates Cleaning Services provides comprehensive junk pick up and removal in Austin and surrounding areas. Compulsive hoarding is an issue that has started to garner a great deal of attention as of late due to the fact that it is an extremely serious issue. It’s one that has certainly raised a lot of eyebrows since it has allowed many people to see all of the homes that have fallen into complete despair thanks to all of the clutter that resides inside them.

The many shocking images of these homes are off-putting, but they have certainly stirred the imaginations of many people and signaled that a great deal more attention needs to be brought to the dangers that can be introduced by hoarding.

All of these dangers are responsible for the establishment of special task forces around the entire country to help combat the issue itself, as well as support those who are dealing with it directly and indirectly. Bates Cleaning Services can help with junk pick up and removal in Austin.

Health Risks

Most often, the very first concerns in any kind of a hoarding situation are bacteria and diseases thanks to issues such as rotting trash, food, and human waste. Essentially, the home of a hoarder is the perfect breeding ground for these types of major health risks. Other issues such as dust and mold can create other issues, as they can make breathing much more difficult, especially with those who suffer from asthma or other similar ailments. Furthermore, hoarding can also lead to the presence of pests, such as roaches, ants, rats, mice, and more, which can potentially cause physical harm to the residents of these homes, on top of carrying diseases.

Physical Danger

One type of physical danger that can develop from a hoarding situation is fire thanks to all of the many combustible materials that are present in the home, such as incandescent light bulbs and heating systems. If a fire were to start, it could literally consume the home within a matter of seconds. Furthermore, items that are being hoarded increase the likelihood of exits being blocked, thereby making escape from the home impossible. Another issue that can be introduced is structural damage to the home thanks to all of the hoarded items creating an uneven weight and distribution, which can cause floors to completely collapse and can also even create water damage in some areas, which can result in some areas of the home decomposing. Additionally, without junk pick up and removal in Austin, too much stuff can accumulate and create safety hazards in terms of causing someone to fall down and injure themselves.

Psychological Issues

Hoarding can even impact the relatives of the person who is engaging in it, whether they are living in the home or not. Let us help! Bates Cleaning Services can help with junk pick up and removal in Austin. Those who don’t live in the home can become emotionally scarred just by watching their loved one suffer from the consequences of their choice to go through something like this. This can eventually lead to the hoarder becoming isolated from society itself due to their problem, which can cause the hoarding issue itself to get even worse, thereby causing the individual’s mental state to get even worse as well.