Whenever a lot of parents walk around their homes, one of the first things that they see is a huge mess of toys, and they all have the same opinion – they’re sick and tired of it! Despite the fact that they’ve taken the time to clean everything up, the mess seems to come right back again, and it even seems to multiply at times! However, there seems to be a truth as to why kids are typically so messy, and it often applies to a lot of parents.

Parents Aren’t Organized

Perhaps one of the hardest things to admit is that the reason why kids are so disorganized is that they’re copying exactly what they see their parents do. Some parents leave a few of their things laying around after they finish using them, which leads kids to think that that kind of behavior is perfectly fine.

Kids Have Too Many Things

Even though parents clean up a mess that kids have made so many times, there seems to still be so much work to do. Many parents feel that their kids can’t simply enjoy every single toy that they have because of the fact that many of them are scattered all over the house. Furthermore, all sorts of puzzles aren’t completed, and there are even some toys that get broken because they get stepped on indiscriminately. Another reason is that parents feel kids don’t enjoy a lot of their toys because they simply have too many of them.

Not Everything Has its Proper Place

Many parents tend to wonder how their homes get so messy, and whenever they tell their kids to clean things up, the kids always ask where certain things go. In response, the parents never generally have an answer because they simply don’t know, even though they’re purchased all types of storage bins, baskets, etc. This means that if nothing has its proper place, how can a child be expected to know where to put something that’s been found on the floor?

Kids Aren’t Required to Be Organized

One mistake parents seem to make often is not having their kids clean up prior to going to bed or before they partake in any kind of a fun activity. Instead, they often have them deal with it sometime later on. What parents should do first is get themselves organized, such as modeling the behavior that they’d like to see in their children, then secondly, begin the work of decluttering before finally making cleaning a part of the overall regular routine.


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