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Chances are we all know someone who has that one particular house on the block in need of help by a lawn and landscape service in Austin. And whenever that very thing does happen, it always kicks up a big mess of debris everywhere that it can possibly go.

If this sounds just like your lawn, there’s no need to distress, because there’s a way to turn it into the real talk of your block with Bates Cleaning Services’ lawn and landscape service in Austin! All you have to do is follow these simple tips in order to make that very thing happen!

What Grass Type Do You Have on Your Lawn?
Typically, grasses fall into the following two categories:

*Warm-season, which grow better in warmer climates. These grasses include Bermuda, St. Augustine, etc.
*Cool-season, which grow better in cooler climates. These grasses include Bluegrass, Fescue, etc.

Conduct a Soil Test
Generally defined, a soil test is something that determines exactly what is going on with your lawn itself. This should be the very first thing that you do before anything else. Consider consulting with a professional lawn in Austin, who should be more than willing to offer something like this. If the test determines that your lawn’s pH balance is too acidic or is lacking in potassium, it will be a sign that you’ll have a hard time maintaining a beautiful appearance for the lawn itself.

Fix Bare Areas
In areas where there is no grass present, it can be next to impossible to remedy the situation. You will first need to have turfgrass in these areas, and if you lack turf coverage on any areas of your lawn, chances are you will need to introduce and establish grass in those areas. One great way to help improve an existing lawn is through core aeration and over-seeding; however, bare areas may require more extreme methods, such as slice-seeding and top-dressing, which involves introducing a new layer of soil to allow the turf to properly root. A reliable and reputable lawn service in Austin can help!

Maintenance Programs for Lawn Care
When your grass has been filled in, factors such as weed control and timely feeding become extremely important. You want to encourage your grass to grow, but at the same time, you also don’t want to encourage weeds to compete for those same nutrients. Regularly applying weed control and fertilizer are very vital, as it allows for the turf itself to thrive while, at the same time, eliminating and undesired plants that may steal those same nutrients.

Proper Lawnmowing Practices
Once your turf has been established through best practices applied by a lawn service in Austin, it then becomes important to think about how to properly mow it. Generally, you will want to mow it at a setting of no less than three inches after it is mowed, and you will sometimes need to mow it more than once per week. You should never try to mow more than one-third of a blade of grass at a time, as this can put an extra amount of stress on your lawn. Additionally, you should always measure how high you’re mowing as well, as having it set at three inches doesn’t always mean it at exactly that height, as this can typically vary by the manufacturer. Place your mower on a flat surface and ensure that the setting is at the proper height that way.

Lawn Watering
It is recommended that you water your lawn approximately an inch and a half per week. The best way to do this is to use an empty tuns can and place it a few years away from your sprinkler. When the can is full, turn your sprinkler off. During the hot summer months, you can increase the amount a bit, as this won’t hurt anything at all. However, if you are unable to water your lawn, it will be able to survive for around three to four weeks. On the other hand, if your lawn doesn’t receive any water past this amount of time, it will begin to thin out. When you do water your lawn, do so as early in the day as possible so that any extra moisture that doesn’t get absorbed will have time to evaporate off of the grass.

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