It’s surprisingly easy to collect random items in piles around your home. One day the counter is completely bare and the next you have a pile of old bills, dirty dishes and random articles of clothing. Here are a few tricks to keep those piles of clutter from happening in the first place.


Paper Clutter
Old bills, read mail and event invitations can easily pile up, after all the mail comes every day except Sunday. Instead of throwing the mail on the counter after getting it from the mailbox, create a filing system. Even if your filing system is just the bowl you keep your keys in, it keeps all of the mail in one place ready for you when you have a second to look through it. Another tip is when you first get the mail, place any junk mail in the recycle bin right when you get it. It makes the pile less daunting.


You don’t necessarily have to do laundry more frequently; you just have to have a system for clothing on the way to the washing machine. Having a dirty clothing hamper for lights and darks makes it easy to throw the load into the machine when the hamper gets full. It’s also an easy fix to buy a coat rack for random jackets, hats or scarfs lying around.


Buy a shoe rack and make sure it is larger than you think you’ll need. They are a lifesaver when you have company coming over and need to straighten the place up quickly. Even better buy a large wooden bench with storage so you can store shoes in there.


Donate Bin
Have a donate bin set up somewhere in the house so that when you decide to get rid of something you can through it in the bin instead of forming a pile on the floor somewhere. Then take it to a donation place without pulling half of the items out of it.


Everything In Place
Decide a place for everything. If you can’t pick a place for something it most likely means you don’t need it or you don’t have room for it. Either way it probably needs a new home and remember, shoving it in a drawer in the kitchen with a bunch of other random items is not finding a place for it.


Say No
The best way to not collect a pile of random things is to not have random things to pile up. Just because something is on sale does not mean you need to buy it. It will inevitably end up in your donate bin anyway.

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