The American incarnation of Mother’s Day has been celebrated since the year 1914, which is when it officially became a federal holiday; however, the holiday itself was initially created back in 1908 by Anna Jarvis. Following the celebration becoming a federal holiday, Jarvis began to denounce all of the commercialization associated with it, even going so far as to attempt to have Mother’s Day removed from calendars.

Traditionally, Mother’s Day involves presenting mothers, both biological and otherwise, with gifts such as flowers, cards, candy, and various other types of gifts.

President Woodrow Wilson officially made Mother’s Day a federal holiday by signing an official measure, which mandated that the holiday would be observed on the second Sunday every May. Jarvis, however, as previously mentioned, attempted to have Mother’s Day removed from calendars and spent the vast majority of the remainder of her life at this crusade. For instance, Jarvis spoke out against various charities, florists, and confectioners, as well as filing multiple lawsuits against any group that chose to use the name “Mother’s Day.” Unfortunately, this resulted in Jarvis having to spend nearly her entire fortune in legal fees. Jarvis would pass away in 1948; however, by the time of her passing, she had completely disowned Mother’s Day completely.

In the United States, Mother’s Day is considered to be one of the biggest holidays in terms of consumer spending. In addition to presenting gifts to mothers, most families also choose to give mothers a day off from performing various household tasks, such as cooking and cleaning.

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