Searching for natural ways to help with allergies? You’re not the only one. Allergy season is the absolute worst. To help make it a little more tolerable we rounded up some tips on how to rid your home of common allergens this season.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned

There’s only so much your vacuum can pick up. When you have a problem you call a professional Austin cleaning service. Allergens are the problem and house maids are the experts. Carpets are basically one big air filter. Anything that was in your air eventually makes it into your carpet. Remove most of these allergens by having the carpets professionally cleaned.

Clean the air

Pollen travels into your home and around it through the air. You clean every other part of your home so make sure you give the air you breathe the same amount of attention. Change air filters every 3 months at least. If your allergies are particularly bad change it more often and/or upgrade the filter.

Combat humidity in the house

Never completely shut off your A/C unit. It helps to circulate the air in your home and prevents moisture from building up inside the vents. Always air out bathrooms after showering to prevent mold as well. As an extra precaution buy dehumidifiers for bedrooms during the more wet months.

Manage pet dander

Pets are like furrier family members. But these family members can be harboring allergens in their fur in addition to their fur potentially being an allergen itself. Have animals that live indoors regularly bathed and brushed often to prevent shedding. As an extra precaution don’t allow then to sit on the furniture.

If you find yourself in need of extra help this season fighting allergens give us a call! We are here to provide natural ways to help with allergies.