One of the most time-consuming tasks that you can undertake is cleaning light fixtures. The best thing is that this is something that only needs to be done at most once or twice per year. So you never have to worry about cleaning it on a regular basis.

What You’ll Need

In order to clean your chandelier, you will first need to ensure that you have the following materials:


*Spray bottle

*Microfiber cloths

*White vinegar that is distilled


*Ladder or step stool



*A friend to assist you

First make sure that you turn off the chandelier completely before you begin cleaning any part of it. This will allow the bulbs to have time to completely cool off. Tape the light switch in the off position so that no one accidentally turns it on while you are cleaning the light fixture.

Fold a blanket and place it directly underneath the chandelier. This will help provide extra padding in the event that anything were to fall. Additionally, place a folded towel on a nearby surface, as you will need an extra space to place chandelier crystals and other types of hardware that you remove from the chandelier itself. The blanket will also catch any dust that falls during the cleaning process.

When removing crystals from the light fixture make sure that you do so as carefully as possible. Always work from the top to the bottom, as this will help to keep them in the correct order. Use a microfiber cloth to help remove any and all excess amounts of dust.

Fill your spray bottle with a mixture of one part distilled white vinegar and two parts water. From there, spray a small amount onto a clean microfiber cloth after you have put on a pair of gloves. Wipe the chandelier crystals before then using a dry microfiber cloth to remove any of the remaining mixture and/or streaks.

Always make sure that the chandelier crystals are completely dry before you place them back onto the chandelier. Once you have placed the crystals back onto the chandelier, you may then restore power back to the chandelier itself.

Another way you can clean parts of a chandelier is by running them in a dishwasher. If a part is removable from the chandelier and dishwasher safe you can thoroughly clean it by running it through a gentle cycle.

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