1. Cheer for the horns- Head on over to the University of Texas to see the award winning burnt orange score some touchdowns! With great players like true freshman Sam Ehlinger, it’s sure to be an exciting game. There are only a few games left so get your tickets now! If you can’t find any, it’s also fun to just tailgate around the stadium!
  2. See A Play- At the ZACH theatre this fall and winter, you can see The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe- a classic tale with good messages for the whole family. See the magic come to life from September 22 to February 9. This theatre on Barton Springs has been home to many wonderful productions. If you can’t see this one, you should try to see any other of their wonderful shows.
  3. Visit a farm! The cooler weather is a great time to get outside. How about visiting a farm? On Saturdays and Sundays this fall, Barton Hill Farms are opening their doors to the public. There’s a huge corn maze, lawn games, food, and live music. Don’t miss this!
  4. Explore a new culture- Weekends in Walburg are a great way to celebrate Octoberfest! There’s some schnitzel, some Spaten, and some pretty great music too. If you come from German roots, or even if you don’t, exploring a new culture is a great way to expand your horizons and learn something new.
  5. See animals at night- In October, the Austin Zoo has a promotional fundraiser that allows you to come and visit the animals in a unique way- at night! There’s also a haunted train ride that is a must-see. Some of these animals hibernate during the day, so seeing them at night is the best way to see them in their best light.
  6. See fast cars- Formula 1 as October 20-22. If you’re a car fan, this is the race of the year, and there are tons of events surrounding it at Circuit of the Americas. Watch out for traffic though!

No matter what you’re interested in, there are tons of fun events and things to do this fall in Austin Texas. Want your home cleaned while you’re away? Bates cleaning, your Austin home cleaning service can get your house to a perfect state while you’re out having fun. Call us for a quote!