Stains are the worst. They ruin your carpet, clothing and bedding. It seems like they always happen when you are least prepared. Here are some tips and tricks on how to remove a wide variety of stains so that the next time one strikes, you’ll be ready.


1. Have An Emergency Stain Remover Ready
Ideally it’s one that would work on a wide range of stains that are common mishaps like wine or soup. A common go to is club soda. It’s used to get out all kinds of things from a long list of fabrics. It’s also a good idea to carry around a stain remover pen. These have been a life saver more than once.


2. Grass Stains
If you have kids or are involved in some kind of sport, than you have had to deal with many of these. While grass stains may seem like an impossible stain to remove fear not. An old toothbrush and some toothpaste can easily remove the worst grass stains, just be sure to use the paste version and not gel. After rubbing the stain out launder the clothing as usual.


3. Blood Stains
If you find yourself bleeding the last thing on your mind is keeping the blood from staining something. If this does happen just know that blood can be washed out. If it is your own blood than spitting on it and rubbing it out is the easiest way to get rid of it. Another way to get the stain out is using hydrogen peroxide and scrapping the blood off. This way you can clean your cut and your stain at the same time. As with any stain the sooner you can treat it the better. A dried stain is much harder to get rid of.


4. Sweat Stains
This is Texas. It’s hot here. Sweat stains are kind of a fact of life when it gets up to 104 degrees on the regular. A simple method for removing sweat stains are using a generic brand of shampoo. Rub the stain with a small dab and then launder as usual.


5. Lipstick Stains
This trick may sound a little out there but we promise it works, even on your darkest clothing. If you find yourself with a lipstick stain grab the crust of some bread, wad it up and use it to pick up the lipstick from the clothing. Brush away any leftover crumbs and voila you’re a believer.


6. Grease Stains
Southern comfort food comes with a price. If you spot a grease stain on your shirt don’t panic. Grab some cornstarch and sprinkle it over the affected area. The cornstarch will pick the grease up from the clothing and you can go back to eating more chicken fried steak.


7. Ink Stains
Pens don’t belong in pockets. They are an accident waiting to happen. If the accident has already happened however don’t worry. There is a solution. Soak the stain in some rubbing alcohol and wipe it away with a clean cloth.


8. Tea Stains
Nothing is quite like warming up on a cold day with a hot cup of tea. If you notice a tea stain on your clothing, you can get rid of it with sugar. Dissolve sugar into some water and soak the stain for several minutes. Then launder as usual.

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