With how busy the summer gets, it is easy to lose track of some cleaning. Here are a couple of cleaning tips and hacks to make your summertime cleaning a breeze.

  1. When Life Hands You Lemons

You use them to clean your stainless steel! Okay that may not be the exact saying, but a good lemon can go a long way. If you have an extra lemon on hand, you may want to rub it on your stainless-steel sink and accessories. For the best results you should begin by rubbing your stainless steel with a white vinegar covered wash cloth. Then rub the stainless steel with a baking soda and water mixture, wipe that mixture off and rub the surface with a lemon. The final step is to rinse the surface with water, and dry with a wash cloth.

  1. Get Cray-o About Mayo

If you grew up in the South, it is very likely that mayonnaise was a commonplace item. You could find it in your potato salad, tuna salad, and at every family BBQ (just in case). If you’ve been looking for another mayo use, you may want to consider removing water rings with the substance. An hour with full-fat mayonnaise should remove any rings from your wooden coffee table.

  1. Rinse + Repeat

If you want to ensure that you get the most out of your swimsuit, you may want to rinse them after every use. Throwing a swimsuit in the dirty pile allows the chlorine, saltwater, and sunscreen to seep into it, and cause long term stains. Sunscreen in particular is known to react poorly with laundry detergents, thus it is imperative that you remove as much as possible for a wash.

  1. Washing Your Washing Machine

If we’re being totally honest, we all get a little musty in the summer. When outdoor temperatures hit above 90, even your washing machine begins to smell a little off. The best way to combat a mildewy scent is to run your washing machine on empty. Add detergent the machine, run it on hot, and give it a go. When the cycle is over, allow your machine to air dry by leaving the door open.

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