When it comes to cleaning your home, it’s important that you always use the right products for the right job. Furthermore, it’s also important to realize that if cleaning products are not stored properly, they can end up causing areas of your home to become contaminated whenever they’re used.

Here are three cleaning products that can actually cause your home to get dirtier:


When it comes to tasks such as wiping areas of your home down or washing dishes, a sponge should never be used. This is because sponges can often house all sorts of bacteria that aren’t able to be killed using any kind of sanitizing solution.


In terms of mop heads, these can be either synthetic or cotton. Additionally, you may need to use more than one bucket and wringer for your mops. When it comes to both mops and brooms, it’s always good to use heavy duty ones to ensure that more of the space they’ll be used in gets clean.


These are considered to be much better than wiping cloths thanks to the fact that the bristles on a brush are designed to help loosen soil. They should also always be taken care of as much as possible because if a brush gets worn out, it won’t be able to clean effectively. Furthermore, they can also become a source of contamination as well.

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