Even though you may spend a great deal of time in your bathroom, that doesn’t mean you need to store an insane amount of your belongings in this area. This can not only create clutter, but it can also cause some of your possessions to become damaged much more quickly.

Here are three things you should never store in your bathroom:


This one may be more than a bit surprising; however, storing your toothbrush in a toothbrush holder on your bathroom sink can eventually cause it to become overrun with germs and bacteria growth. This means that if you flush your toilet with the lid up, you could end up releasing all sorts of nastiness that can get onto your toothbrush. Instead of the bathroom, consider storing your toothbrush in an area such as the corner on your bedroom dresser.


A steamy bathroom can cause all sorts of damage to photos, even ones that are completely framed under glass. This is because humidity can get trapped between the glass and the photo, which can cause mold to grow and brown spots to appear on the photos themselves. Furthermore, it can also create ripples on the paper as well.


Jewelry pieces that are made of various types of metal can react in different ways when exposed to humidity. As a result, objects that are less-valuable can end up experiencing corrosion, while objects made of silver will end up tarnishing.

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