During the middle of March, many people end up getting the urge to change some things around, especially when it comes to their homes instead of simply just buying new things. While getting rid of clutter is definitely a good thing to consider as part of your annual spring cleaning, taking the time to increase the overall functionality of your home itself can be great for your mental clarity.

Here are three different methods that you can make note of.

Sort Your Pantry Out

In this area, begin by thoroughly cleaning all of your shelves, as well as all cabinets and handles that are attached to them. In terms of food, get rid of anything that either is not likely to be used or is already out-of-date. Any food that remains should be placed into jars and/or containers that are airtight. All containers should be thoroughly rinsed out with hot water in order to get rid of any leftover food particles that may be in them.

“Shake-Out” Your Living Room

While working in your living room, take any rugs and smaller-sized furniture pieces and place them in another room for the time being. From there, move larger-sized furniture pieces to the center of the room and thoroughly vacuum underneath them. However, this is also where creativity on your part will come into play – prior to bringing the pieces back into your living room, take a moment to decide whether or not your furniture can be rearranged or even gotten rid of. This will help to give your living room an entirely new feel.

Consolidate the Products in Your Bathroom

Perhaps the most common place in your home that contains items which haven’t exactly been touched for the past number of years is your bathroom, more specifically the bathroom cabinet. Take the time to remove every single item from there, then throw away anything that you don’t use regularly. First aid items, including medicine, should be placed into a separate pouch that can be easily stored out of the way, which can help to reduce clutter. Any miniature travel items that you have can also be placed into a separate bag that you can easily carry with you whenever you travel.

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