Lemons are useful for cleaning on top of just enjoying as a snack or using as an ingredient in all types of foods. Cleaning with lemons can also act as a mild disinfectant, as well.

Here are three different ways that you can use lemons for cleaning around your home.


*Measure ½ a cup of water into a measuring cup

*Slice half a lemon and squeeze the juice into the water

*Place both halves of the lemon into the water

*Microwave on high for three minutes

*Let stand for an additional five minutes without opening the door

*Open the door and remove the measuring cup

*If the microwave has a turntable, remove it and wipe it down

Wooden Cutting Board

*Slice a lemon in half

*Sprinkle coarse salt onto the cutting board

*Scour the surface using the lemon, ensuring that you lightly squeeze some juice out as you do

*Let the board sit for five minutes

*Scrape away the liquid into a small bowl with a bench scraper

*Rinse the board with a wet, clean sponge

All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner

*Save citrus peels

*Place the peels into a jar of vinegar for two weeks

*Strain the liquid

*Pour the liquid into a spray bottle

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