Holla Mode

There is said to be so much hype about this particular ice cream shop among many Austin residents that it’s unbelievable. Located in Barton Springs, this Thai-style ice cream shop will certainly make you wait in line for a bit, but it’s most definitely worth it. Once you finally take a bite of your ice cream the minute it gets put into your hands, any feelings of being annoyed that may have previously come over you will simply disappear!


Cow Tipping Creamery

If you’re a fan of soft serve ice cream, consider making a trip to this South Austin staple! It’s a food truck rather than an actual brick-and-mortar shop, but it still has plenty to offer customers, such as sundaes, cones, shakes, and so much more. Even better is the fact that you can get everything with all of the unusual and tasty topping that you could ever ask for.


Amy’s Ice Creams

Originally launched back in 1984, this location is one that proves that it’s hard to beat out if you’re looking for ice cream creations that you likely aren’t able to find anywhere else in Austin! For instance, one of Amy’s Ice Creams most popular selections is Mexican vanilla ice cream with strawberries, gummy bears, and Nutter Butter cookies, which are crushed right there on the spot instead of pre-crushed.


Dolce Neve Gelato

Originally launched by a group of three Italians, this location, which translates into “sweet snow,” offers gelato that is completely made from scratch using only the most traditional methods learned in the Italian cities of Pisa and Bologna.


Sweet Ritual

This particular spot is one that proves beyond a doubt that ice cream can be both good and dairy-free at the same time. Not only does Sweet Ritual offer vegan desserts, but they also offer items that cater to many different dietary specifics as well.