It’s certainly no secret that cleaning can be extremely terrible and boring; however, the truth of the matter is this never has to be the case. To help prove this, there are a few different tricks that you can take advantage of to help make cleaning a bit more fun.

In the end, we really feel a lot better when we’re in an environment that’s more clean and organized, as a space that’s filled with clutter can have a negative impact on our lives. In the end, though, how can those who absolutely despise cleaning come up with a balance that involves keeping things as neat as possible and not making ourselves completely miserable with constantly cleaning everything up?

Here are the top five tricks that should help to answer that very question:

Set a Timer

Generally, this is something that should be set for no more than ten minutes if you are considering taking this step. Do this every single day and simply get as much done as you possibly can within that specific time limit. When it goes off, stop and take a look and how much you’ve completed. You’ll end up becoming amazed at how much you’ve been able to accomplish within such a short amount of time.

Take On a Nightly Cleaning Regimen

Those who simply dislike cleaning should force themselves to quickly clean no more than one area of your home before you go to bed at night. For instance, make sure that all of your laundry has been put away or check to see that your dishwasher has been emptied. Regardless of what you choose to do, make sure you accomplish at least one cleaning-related task every night before you hit the sheets.

Invest in a Clutter Basket

This is something that should be kept by the front door of your home that you can place all of the things in that would otherwise end up getting lost around your home, such as hats, sunscreen, gloves, etc. Additionally, you could also invest in a smaller-sized basket that you can carry around with you while you’re cleaning to put extra clutter in, whether it will be thrown away or put into another area.

Put All of Your Cleaning Supplies in One Area

It can be stressful to not have something you need, like a useful cleaning supply to help you get rid of a stain or a spill that you come across. Always ensure that you keep these types of items stocked together under your kitchen sink in a bucket, as well as invest in an extra bucket in order to ensure that you never have to dump out all of your cleaning supplies every time you need to mop your floors.

Get Rid of Your Clutter

A useful tip to help keep your home cleaner for longer is to simply get rid of any and all clutter that you come across. The less amount of stuff that you have, the less amount of time you will have to worry about organizing and cleaning everything. Furthermore, when you have a less amount of stuff, it makes tasks such as vacuuming so much easier because of the fact that you don’t have to rearrange a lot of things before you get started.


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