So you’ve taken out the garbage, but there’s still something horrible smelling in your kitchen. What do you do?? Here’s a few tips.

  1. Fight the cooking fumes: Mix white vinegar and water in a saucepan and boil for several minutes. The odor of vinegar will neutralize the smell of whatever you were cooking yesterday.
  2. Clean The Trash Can Itself: Sometimes the trash smell is bigger than what’s just in the bag. If you have a backyard, a great option is to take the whole can outside and spray it down. You also can just wipe it with a wet paper towel, spray with disinfect, and let it dry. If you do this once a week, it is likely to help your kitchen smell better tenfold!
  3. Clean Your Appliances: Clean the filter of your dishwasher with a paper towel, then run a runs cycle to wash out any debris you’ve loosened. Let it air out. Fridges and freezers need attention too! Give them a serious look and wipe up spills. Adding baking soda will help neutralize the smells also, leaving your kitchen smelling like a dream!
  4. Focus on the stink: There are probably food scraps in the disposal or your pipes. You can clean the disposal by dropping ice into it while its running. To clean regular drains, pour half a cup of baking soda down it with warm tap water.
  5. Be proactive: When there’s a spill- clean it immediately! There’s no reason to let spills harden and become smelly. This also applies to your oven. Sprinkle salt on fresh spills to make them easier to wipe up in there.

Kitchen smells are gross, and so is cleaning them. But with a little bit of work and help from a great Austin residential cleaning service like Bates Cleaning, your home is sure to smell great, no matter what you’re cooking!